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French Festivities

September the 11, 12 & 13 2009 in Malplaquet (Taisnieres sur Hon)



The 11, 12 & 13 will held in L’Ermite farm (Malplaquet road “RD932”) Free entrance

-from 10:00H am to 8:00H pm: International exhibition recounting Malplaquet battle (life size military camp reconstitution)

- Drinks & sandwiches will be available


The 11, 12 & 13 will hold in Café de la place (Taisnieres Sur Hon down town) free entrance:

-from 10:00H am to 8:00H pm: Creation exhibition of the “Museum 1709”



Friday the 11th


10:00H am, a religious celebration in Malplaquet church


12:00H am, Official opening of the international exhibition recounting

Malplaquet battle (life size military camp reconstitution) followed by a concert (Village band: Union musical of Taisnieres sur hon ) conducted by Mister Robert Huon) Free entrance.


2:00H pm Lunch break (Meals has to be reserved, 12€)


4:30H pm: Military concert by the 43rd infantry regiment from lille (10€ entrance).


6:00H pm: Commemoration in the Malplaquet memorial


8:30H pm: concert (Village band of “Sous Le Bois Maubeuge”) conducted by Mister Eric Bruyerre) 10€ entrance.


10:15H pm: Dinner break (Meals has to be reserved, 12€), the band “Venu de loin” will join your dinner…


11:00H pm: Historical reconstruction “son & lumiere”



Saturday the 12th


12:00H am: midday concert (Village band: Union musical of Taisnieres sur hon town) conducted by Mister Robert Huon) Free entrance


2:00H pm: Malplaquet battle putted on stage by the children from Taisnieres sur Hon & Hon Hergies primary schools.


3:00H pm: Lecture of Madam Mariem Fredj regarding the Hainaut region


4:30H pm: Attack of the camp by the reconstruction troups!




Sunday the 13th


3:00H pm: Arthur Barbera information regarding human conditions during the Malplaquet battle.


4:30 pm: Lay down arms ceremony


Notes: Concerts, meals & lectures will hold under big top. For meals reservation, please call: 0033(0)6 76 64 03 33 or email:

For extra information regarding the events email:




Belgium festivities

September Saturday the 12

The Spirit Fair







In Frameries : Saturday the 12 of 2009 in Sars-La-Bruyere


In 2006, as a result of “The ghost night”, Daphnez Cornez the director of the stage explained that the ghosts represented  Malplaquet victims souls who wander  for almost 300 years within the battle field because they didn’t decently bury, so the 350 actors  thanked the spectators because thanks to their coming their souls was now free…

Actors also invited the spectators to come back in 2009 to free the last souls.


The large ghosts’ parade is borne!

The director Daphnée Cornez will realize a huge interactive & multiform stage



The scene is free entrance.


-Exhibition of paints & pictures of the ghosts’ night of 2006


-From 6:30pm till 8:30pm & from 10:30pm till 11:30pm dinner under big top.

“Malborouck hotpot” 12€


-From 7:00H pm till 8:30h pm: VIP Coktail in Sars-La-Bruyere square (big top back side of the church)


-At 9:00H pm: “The large ghosts’ parade”

The sating point will take place in Coury farm (School Street)

Spectacular parade with more than 500 walk-on, dancer, horse, acrobat & musician…

Pyrotechnic effects which will take your breath away.

Music & sound effects which will quiver you.


-At 10:00H pm: “Stars night”

It will take place in Sars-La-Bruyere (big top back side of the church)

Improvisations, play lets- Malborouck dinner-Large choice of local products of high quality & special beers, all being an attractive cost.


-At 12:00H pm: “Goodbye fire”

The release:

Huge firework representing the free souls’ flight, million stars in the sky till the end of the night. The show will continue under the big top.


For information the contacts are:

Artistic secretary phone numbers: 00 32 472 46 48 11

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